Introducing GPS Tracking to Your Employees

To successfully deploy a GPS tracking system in your company you’ll need more than just the newest hotshot technology, you’ll need your employees to buy into that change as well. The biggest obstacle to the introduction of any GPS tracking software into the workforce is a fear by employees that the system will invade their privacy. They may also believe that management is saying that they don’t trust them so they must resort to spying on their activities. android gps tracker spy¬†

It’s imperative that employees understand that the purpose of the GPS tracking system is to improve the safety and productivity of the fleet. That’s why it’s best to meet with employees prior to installing a tracking software and explain the benefits they can expect to see both personally and professionally. It’s no different than deploying mobile GPS tracking software.

The key to a successful roll-out is total transparency between the company and its workers. In particular, make sure that your drivers are involved in the deployment as early as possible in the process, and make sure that they understand the company goals for using a tracking device app to ease the transition. Management should stress the following benefits for deploying the technology:

Better customer service – Keeping customers happy should be the number one priority of every business. Many customers want proof that the services they pay for are completed on time and the detailed reports from a sophisticated GPS fleet tracking system can go a long way to satisfy that need. These reports are much better than simple GPS phone tracker reporting.

Increased Company Profits – Higher customer retention and lower costs increase company profits. Expenses can be slashed with a GPS tracking system due to lower maintenance costs, fewer on the road repairs, encouragement of earlier replacement of aging vehicles, and better employee time tracking. A more profitable company means higher job security for employees.

Improved Employee Safety – Few drivers will argue against improving their own safety. Unsafe driving can lead to costly employee injury, vehicle downtime, and escalating insurance premiums. A mobile GPS tracking software reduces and sometimes eliminates these threats to employee safety.

Eliminate False Claims – All too often, customers complain that drivers never showed up, or didn’t spend the necessary time on the job, or maybe they were too early or too late. With a GPS tracking system, you have irrefutable proof about the veracity of submitted claims.

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